Coyote Hill

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Welcome to Coyote Hill Farm, home to BW's Rex.

We started the rabbitry in August of 2009.

Our focus is on Rex in the following varieties: 

   Broken, Castor, Chocolate, Lilac, and Opal.


                            Best In Show


Broken Opal Senior Doe

Capital City Rabbit Breeders Show

October 1, 2011





NRRC Sweepstakes 2013

1st Open Standing

10th Open Black

1st Open Broken

1st Open Californian

3rd Open Chinchilla

2nd Open Chocolate

4th Open Lilac

1st Open Lynx

5th Open Opal

6th Open Red

2nd Open Seal

7th Open Quality

4th Open Average





NRRC Sweepstakes 2012


 3rd Open Standing - Gary

 9th Open Standing - Deron

 4th Open Amber

 1st Open Broken 

 4th Open Castor

 10th Open Chinchilla

 2nd Open Chocolate

 1st Open Lilac - Gary

 5th Open Lilac - Deron

 5th Open Lynx

 2nd Open Opal

 3rd Open Seal

 7th Open Quality - Deron

 8th Open Quality - Gary




NRRC Sweepstakes 2011 


 3rd Open Standing - Gary

 17th Open Standing - Deron

 2nd Open Amber

 3rd Open Broken 

 1st Open Chocolate

 1st Open Lilac

 5th Open Lynx

 2nd  Open Opal

 4th Open Colored Fur

 7th Open Quality



NRRC Sweepstakes 2010 


16th Open Standing

4th   Open Chocolate

6nd  Open Lilac

3th   Open Opal





                     Winter at Coyote Hill Farm


The path to the rabbits at Coyote Hill Farm  after an 8" snow.


Snow weighing down the deer fence around the rabbits, chickens, and daylilies.